Ways to Adapt your Digital Marketing to the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is quite evident that the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected every sector of the economy. Most businesses are no longer operational and losses are inevitable. During such hard times, it is best to consider all options available to keep your business from drowning. And one such option is digital marketing. 

People are not allowed to leave their homes and it is imperative to maintain minimal contact between everyone. Keeping this safety protocol in mind, digital marketing is the only way right now to connect to your customers. If you own a business, you know how indispensable digital marketing is at present. But you cannot continue with your existing marketing strategies. In the current state of crises, you will have to adapt to the serious environment. So how can you do that? Read along to acquaint yourself with ways of adapting your digital marketing to the current pandemic.  

Change your priorities

COVID-19 came as an unforeseen and uninvited guest. No business was prepared for this pandemic to happen. So to be able to handle the situation, you will have to change the priorities of your business functions. 

To begin with, reduce or stop fundings to profitable needs and shift to necessities. Postpone all scheduled emails for now as they are not appropriate for the situation. If you have any advertising campaigns that don’t suit the climate, put it on hold. Access all your marketing guidelines and content again to make sure that it is not standing against the emotions of your audience. Do not try to exploit the situation for commercial success rather show empathy towards your consumers. Re-adjust your marketing budget and focus it on what your customers need at the moment. Offer them free services or discounts if you can and keep them informed of all the ways your brand can help. 

Many big names have followed this step and changed their priority from profit to helping customers and people in need. Hyundai has announced to make up for six months of payments of its customers. This is for people who have lost their job and leased or purchased a vehicle between March 14 and April 30. Sephora has shifted its stores and all purchasing activities online, without shipping fees. 

Increase your social media presence

It makes more sense to increase your social media presence since everyone is on the internet right now. Every social media platform like Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter is experiencing a rise in usage since the outbreak. So you should not do the mistake of going offline and vanishing from all social platforms. Instead, have a look at all your digital assets. See where your audience engages more and continue with your posts. But make sure that your tone, language, images or any other type of content do not clash with the present situation. Also do not post content that ridicules the seriousness of the pandemic. For example, avoid images with a lot of people or social gatherings as it goes against the idea of social distancing. 

Take this time to connect with your customers. People need to spend their days and time somewhere. And your customers may also be expecting a lot from your brand. So while your operations remain suspended, let social media take over. Set up interviews and live streams or talk about your future plans and services.

Fine-tune your SEO strategies

You should not drop out of SEO as it can hamper your months of hard work in just a few days. To save the cost, you may end up with more damage in the long run than expected. And it will be very difficult to be back in the same rankings and digital marketing environment. 

Most businesses are down and not working at the time. This means there is less competition too. So you can utilize this time to boost your rankings by working on your SEO strategies. Begin with the keyword list. Since the lockdown, the search intent of the people has changed significantly. Now people have new problems and are looking for new solutions. And it is more than likely that your target audience is also looking for ways your services can be of help during the pandemic. So change your keyword strategy accordingly. 

Make your content more relevant to the present scenario while sticking to your brand image and values. Also, be more mindful of your content posting schedule. As most people are now working from home or have nothing to do, publish your content throughout the day. 

Listen to your customers

As I have already mentioned, your customers now have new pain points and are now dealing with new sets of problems. So you will have to go back and research your buyer personas. Your services and products need to be shaped according to the present need. For example, how to work from home and how to kick the boredom of quarantine. All this should, of course, be aligned with your brand image. 

You should also take the time to reply to your customer’s reviews and complaints. Provide them comfort and assurance of solutions and assistance. This will not only help you with research but also let you gain trust and loyalty. 

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 does not have to be a stop for your business. Even if you are not operational, it is important to remember that this time will pass and operations will resume someday. So, take this time as a means of connecting with your customers and improving your online presence. Use these ways to adapt your digital marketing to the present pandemic and also the future.