Wanna be a Successful Artist? Give up These 5 Things

It is a dream job of many to become an artist. But they often make a lot of sacrifices when they pursue their passion, to achieve something extraordinary. Many just think they make art, but fail to understand the hard work behind honing the skill and making a masterpiece. Rosy part is mere, but the countless hardships and hours of perseverance in creating something is what makes them a success. 

If you are willing to put in the effort to create art, here are some habits that you need to break for becoming a successful artist.

Stop Procrastinating

All do it, but the best way out is to turn off the TV, social media and all other things that distract you and make judicious use of your time. When you get hold of your time, you will realize the opportunities you are missing and will start making most of them. And, if you keep on doing this, you will realise the value of every millisecond you spend on your phone or channel.

This will also increase the chances of creating an art everyday rather than procrastinating the work for tomorrow and tomorrow. When the artist gets out of this habit, they often end up being a success sooner or later. 

Don’t Compare 

There is always going to someone who is better and worse than you. All you should focus on is your growth. Comparing your work with someone who is working on their skill set for ten years will not help you. However, you can take inspiration from them for creating art, and invest your energy on being a better version of yourself. 

Don’t Aim for Perfection

Many artists don’t complete their work, while seeking for perfectionism. This may seem interesting, but it will affect your productivity. So, you should avoid spending years on the tiny details for making a flawless piece of art or music. It doesn’t mean that you quickly have to get it completed, a few days or weeks are more than enough for creating a good artwork. 

Don’t Work All the Time

It is vital to spend time on creating the artwork, but it is equally important to take care of your mind and body for emotional and social wellbeing. And, if you do not invest some time on them, you won’t be able to put all your efforts on your work. Though some artists sacrifice both to work in the studio all the time, they don’t stay longer in the industry because of health issues. So even if you want to put in all your time into creating the best work, maintain basic levels of fitness for a sound mind and body. And, make some time to cook healthy meals and spend time with your family and friends. 

Don’t Get Wasted  

If you are planning to become a full-time artist, you should avoid getting high everyday. There is nothing wrong in hanging with your friend and getting high, but doing this everyday will affect your productivity. Also, being high everyday does not help you in making good business decisions. Therefore, drink but don’t make it your habit so your efficiency is not affected. If you are looking for relaxation you can try out Delta-8 oil here


If you are an aspiring artist, you really need to cut down on all of these habits to find success and be a professional. When you continue doing all of this, it is merely impossible to focus on work while constantly looking for something better to do. Even though there are less chances of you becoming an international artist, not having these habits will just increase the chances.