Understanding The Keys To Remaining Healthy During Coronavirus

Corona virus has along with it brought uncharted territories for us to explore. There is not a lot I can say about the pandemic that has not already been said. The standard washing your hands, and practicing good hygiene is a mainstay in the list of things you need to take care of. But there are also added precautions that one needs to take against this novel corona-virus. 

What sets this virus completely apart from other viruses is that it right now doesn’t have a cure and no vaccine to prevent it as well. With symptoms like the Flu but the end result is a lot more deadly. 

So, now that all the seasons have descended upon us at the same time. The flu and the coronavirus outbreak. Let’s see how we can ensure that we keep ourselves happy and healthy. 

According to recent figures, 1 in 5 US citizens are confined to their house. Community movement is quite literally grinding to a halt. Directives are becoming stricter with each passing day. All this is more than enough for us to grasp the severity of this situation. This pandemic has a two-fold effect, there is, of course, the physical aspect of social distancing but then there is also the added mental strain of the possibility of going stir crazy. 

So, how do we deal with it? Today we will talk about the three aspects you need to pay attention to ensure you remain healthy while in quarantine. 


Gyms might have shut their doors, but there are a lot of options you can still avail when you want to get a good workout. If you think you need equipment, there are still places which are delivering all over the country. Start with browsing this list and take your pick of the best recumbent exercise bike to make the most of your quarantine. 

You can also take a walk outside, you have to stay away from friends and family but kids and spouses can always accompany you. If you are meeting someone from outside for this activity, remember the 6feet rule and maintain this distance.  

You can also opt for an app-based workout as there are quite a few available online and most of them are free of cost- there is no time like the present to try something new. 


In times like these, it is often a little difficult to get sleep. But, sleep is crucial to allow the body to rest and recover. There are two things you can try out- an herbal nightcap or meditation. There are studies that clearly show that meditation helps not only with sleep but also with anxiety and stress. We all need a bit of that in our lives right now. 

By meditating I don’t mean sit in one place for hours and hours and visualize the desert. My suggestion is more along the lines of a couple of minutes before you sleep or when you wake up to reset and refresh your mind. You can do this at your desk or on your bed or anywhere that is a little quiet. 


Now, to the fun part. Maintaining a healthy diet is always important, but right now it is more important than ever. Now that you probably have a little more time on your hands and much fewer options to eat out. It is a good time to flex your muscles and make some dietary changes in your life. But, don’t go overboard and make any huge changes to your diet as they might stress your system out a little too much. Try to move towards a healthier diet with fewer meats, more green leaves, less processed foods, and just generally more wholesome meals.  

These three , in harmony,  are the biggest factors that play a role in keeping your mind and health in check. Your aim is to arm your body with whatever you can to boost the immune system. If your body stays in a constant state of anxiety then your immune system is bound to take a hit.  Get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. That is the best you can do for yourself at home. Additionally, please don’t horde supplies no matter how much you want to.  You might actually be putting someone in need in trouble.

Also, ensure that you stay in as much as you can. That is the only way you can combat this issue.