How to Plan your Christmas Decorations in Time?

No matter how organized you are, Christmas decor always makes you frenzy at the last minute. There are always a couple of things that you miss out on. And the only way to protect your sanity is to plan for your decor wisely. So, I am describing below simple tactics that can help you complete your holiday decor on time.

Plan in Advance

We all know that well begun is half done. Therefore, it is smart to plan your decorations in advance. However, avoid doing it before Thanksgiving so that you can concentrate on one holiday at a time. For the gift part, lean into the July sales. Yes, I am talking about a full five months in advance, and I am not out of my mind. 

Here are the reasons behind this suggestion- First, it offers you bulk discounts and offers, which saves you a lot of bucks. Second, you will be free from doing one crucial task from your Christmas to-do list. Third, you can use your saved time for other demanding jobs. Fair enough? 

Create Sub-Tasks 

Christmas decor is not just about the lightning and gifts. There are many other things involved. That being the case, its wise to break main tasks into sub-tasks. Assign particular days for particular tasks. Like, set a full day for lightning. Use half-day for the indoors and the other half for outdoors. 

Similarly, assign your one day for the mantle, dinner table, and Christmas tree decor. After this, you will only be left with decorating the front and around the house, which will hardly take half of your day. See, this is the advantage of using sub-tasks and a little planning. But, only these two are not enough. You have got one more thing to care about – work smart, not hard. Let me spell it for you. 

Work Smart Not Hard

Smart work helps you to save time. The same goes here with a slight difference. If you smartly decorate your house, not only you will save your time but also some funds and zeal. Let me tell you how:

If you decorate your mantle at Thanksgiving – then simply switch it out for Christmas. Consequently, you do not have to spend more on new decor items. And if you wish to make the decor a little different, use something simple like the pine tree garland. It is cheap and will definitely do the work. 

You can follow the same approach for the dining table. Probably you will use your table for the big dinner first. So, go for a thanksgiving- theme that is identical to Christmas as well to decorate your table. After Thanksgiving, you can use fake snow and decorated gingerbread houses to give it a Christmas look. 

Make Use of Your Existing Stash

Before planning your shopping list for holiday decor, take stock of your current holiday inventory. There must be probably any left out gifts, wrapping paper, or other essentials from the previous year. Set aside the things that are usable in this season. Store the sorted things into clear containers as they make it easier to locate the stuff later. You can even exchange some items for getting discounts on the purchase of new ones. Make notes of such things and use them when you go for Christmas shopping. Implementing this technique is very fruitful in saving your time, as well as some money. 

Plan Ahead For Your Christmas Cards

If you’re planning for Christmas card family portraits, schedule them as soon as possible. If you wait for November or December, it just might be too late. Photoshoots require some forethought as you’ll have to think of outfits and the locations. Finding a good photographer also take a fair amount of time. And the job is not done here, having the images processed choosing the themes of the card both demands more time. 

Finally, you also need to go through all the details to make sure you do miss out on any of your loved ones. 

Plan For Your Christmas Meals in Advance

Planning your Christmas dinner meal plan might sound premature to you, but trust me, it will make the whole process much smoother. Think of the meat first or it’s alternative and then craft your side dishes followed by deserts. Do not forget about appetizers and drinks around it. It will not much of your time to select your menu, and the bonus point is you’ll have plenty of time to revise if necessary. For new recipes, consider giving them a try in advance. These trials help you adjust ingredients as per your taste. Lastly, take stock of your existing crockery and tableware to replace or add items -if required. 

That’s it. Happy Holidays!