How to Find High-Quality Delta-8-THC?

Cannabis has gained immense popularity in the past few years. From doctors to bartenders in a dispensary, everyone advocates the use of cannabis for medical purposes for reasons clearly known to mankind. 

You see, cannabis is being looked at as a therapeutic alternative with a mysterious potential to alleviate pain. And it’s being touted as medicine for severe conditions such as cancer and epilepsy

Look at the research papers and anecdotal evidence given by people all over the US. 

It’s clearly safe to say that we do not need further evidence to see cannabis in a different light. 

Rest, if you are still confused, I suggest that you see a medical marijuana doctor and clear all your doubts. 

For now, we will focus on another famous, yet scrutinized cannabinoid.

We will also help you understand the legality associated with it, and take you on the road to finding the best Delta-8-THC. 

The legal stance of Delta8 THC

The Legal Stance

To be honest, the legality associated with this famous cannabinoid is quite conflicted

Delta-8-THC exists in a regulatory loophole because it is slightly psychoactive. 

What does this mean? 

It means that this compound is extracted from hemp-derived CBD. The extraction process causes the component to carry mild psychoactive effects. 

However, these characteristics are nowhere related to the high-end effects of THC. 

In fact, the impact of delta-8 THC is quite the opposite. It not only provides relaxing effects but also numbs the pain. Which, in turn, proves beneficial for patients struggling with opioid addiction. 

So, it’s safe to say, that yes, legally the phytocannabinoid is under grim speculation, but it has still managed to put a smile on people’s faces. 

Now that the legal prerogative is out of the way, here’s how you can safely purchase Delta-8-THC. 

NOTE: The FDA doesn’t regulate CBD or its derivatives. So, it’s best to get a recommendation. You can talk to the doctors residing in your state and determine whether cannabis is good for you or not. For instance, a patient living in New York can take online consultation from NY Medical Marijuana Doctors. This will also help you purchase Delta-8-THC legally without ever worrying about a possible arrest. 

Always Check the QR Code and COA 

You have to keep in mind that legally manufactured products come with a COA and a QR code. Brands that do not label their products clearly are not trustworthy. 

After all, as a consumer, you have to trace the product back to its right source. And how is that possible without a proper QR code? 

Scanning the code will allow you to understand whether the source is legit or not. 

So, make sure your Delta-8-THC has a QR code that leads you back to both the source and its Certificate of Analysis (COA). 

Buy Directly From the Manufacturer

You have two options here: 

You can either buy your stock from a website that publishes the original third-party lab report.

Or else, you can directly visit the manufacturer’s website. 

The original company or the manufacturers will publish detailed information about the product. 

They will provide a certificate of analysis along with a third-party lab report. You can use the report to understand what your product contains. In particular, the amount of THC in your Delta-8. 

Avoid Sites Using Shady Payment Apps

A little common sense can do wonders for the human race, and this is where you need to open your ears and mind wide open. 

Top Delta-8-THC selling companies will never use something as shady apps to help consumers pay online. 

Because delta-8-THC falls under the legal bracket somehow, they have the right to collaborate with legit payment app companies

So, scroll down to the end of the website and see which credit facilities they use. 

Or even better, add the product to the cart, checkout, and see whether they utilize legit payment methods or not. 

Get Your Delta8THC products From a reputable Source

Source Your DELTA-8-THC From Organic Farms

In our opinion, this is the best way to get Delta-8-THC. 

Farmers cultivate organic hemp under a cultivation license issued by the government. 

You can easily check out the sources and see whether online companies source their Delta-8-THC from organic farmers or not. 

The only exception, in this case, is that some online websites will reveal their sources while others won’t. 

So, make sure you tread carefully, or simply visit a medical marijuana doctor in New York as mentioned above to remove the block of suspicion.