A Daily Routine Could Be Your Answer For a Healthy Lifestyle

Performing daily tasks like cooking, washing, cleaning, working and exercising can be sometimes tedious. Though all these are a vital part of our daily life yet we feel lazy to complete these activities. Especially after COVID-19 pandemic hit us, the new normal has vanished all our routines. 

We keep juggling between thinking of being productive and ending up being lazy. Now, to save yourself from this trap, trying a daily routine can play a major role. Daily routine not only makes our day more sorted, it also contributes a lot in major health benefits and hence living a healthy lifestyle. 

Numerous studies have shown that a daily routine can be helpful in treating major mental health disorders.Performing your daily tasks at the same time can also make your anxiety and depression go away. Let’s read about some of the lifestyle benefits you get from adding a daily routine into your life- 

It Makes Your Life Organized 

Studies have shown that following an everyday routine can make your life more structured and organized. Instead of stressing about completing your daily chores, think about structuring your day with the important tasks that need to be held in the beginning of the day and the rest of them later. 

Even if you are quarantined at home and working from bed, there’s no harm in following a day plan. Knowing what to do when, makes your life less stressful and more peaceful.  

Helps in Relieving Anxiety and Depression 

 “ An empty mind is the house of the devil”. You must have heard about this popular saying which indirectly or directly is pointed towards anxiety issues. Instead of wasting your day in unproductive activities, inculcate a routine that includes all your activities, from work to watching a movie. 

Once you follow a routine, you will be so caught up in your day that there will be no place for anxiety in life. The best way is to follow a routine with treatment. The combo of self-therapy and medication can have the best results. For instance, taking a light dose of CBD (Cannanbidiol) can be the safest option to treat anxiety and depression. Some of the best CBD Oil for anxiety are available online which one can easily get. 

Boosts Your Self-Esteem 

Knowing that you completed all your tasks on time, boosts your self-esteem to another level. Studies show that successfully following a routine is the best encouragement one can give to him/herself. Taking high steps at once will not be much helpful as our bodies cannot respond to loads of habits at once.

It needs time. So, it’s better to start by adding a new habit or cutting off a bad habit. These small steps will give a sense of accomplishment which will overall boost your self-esteem. 

Helps in Overall Balance

I cannot stress enough on the point that how imperative it is to have an overall life balance in our lives. Whether it’s work, personal relationships or our mental health, a balance between these should always be prioritized.

 Once you follow a daily routine, you plan your day as per your preferences which automatically creates a rough balance in your subconscious mind. This will not only save your time but will teach you the power of focus, the power of doing one thing at a time. The more you follow your routine, the more you’ll get clarity about how to balance your life as per your personal choices. 


They say humans are creatures of habit. Habits are the most crucial parts of daily life and hence of our routine. It becomes vital to have a daily routine that makes your lifestyle more healthier and happier. Don’t just search about ‘how I can be more productive’, rather just take action and you’ll see you are productive.