7 Tips to Become a Pro at Self Care

Whether you’re single or have a partner who enjoys taking care of you, self care is still extremely crucial. This ranges from the time you spend reading by yourself, playing games or going through a whole skin care routine. Even going for a walk or working out regularly is one aspect of self care. But more often than not, we forget to make time for ourselves the way we wish we did. This is why setting time aside to do things you love and enjoy is the first step to self care. This way you’ll end up prioritizing the things you enjoy on a daily basis, something like a happy hour, just without the alcohol. 

To kickstart your self care journey, here are some tips. 

Make Time for Personal Care

Starting with the most basic and easiest thing to add into your routine is setting a few minutes aside for personal care. This could be something as basic as washing your face and moisturizing it to a full routine of shaving, scrubbing, masking and moisturizing. 

You can use this time to unplug from the world completely and spend some quality time with yourself. You can play your favorite music in the background or think about the day you’ve had so far. Work out things that left a bitter taste in your mouth during the day and sort your thoughts. 

Don’t Be Available All the Time

We understand that you want to help a friend out. Or maybe your family wants you to host a dinner after a long week and you don’t wanna refuse. But the truth is, if your heart isn’t in it, the act will only burden you. This is where you must realize that it’s okay to not be available at times. You can postpone your dinner date with your family. You can support your friend from afar. It is crucial to prioritize yourself and your rest at times. In other words, be available but don’t be a doormat. 

Limit Your Time on Social Media

Limit Your Time on Social Media

Social media has given us a great advantage today, we know what is happening, where it is happening and who’s doing what. However, too much consumption of this virtual world can get a little toxic, especially when you start comparing your life with what you see on screen. A simple way to avoid this negativity is by limiting the time you spend on social media. An hour or two a day is enough to familiarize you with what’s going on with the world. If you want to browse digital platforms for more than an hour, opt for platforms where you can watch movies, series, documentaries or stand ups. 

Invest in Things You Enjoy

If you don’t find time for what you enjoy doing the most, your day will always be unfulfilling. Just taking out an hour of your day to do at least one thing that makes you happy will completely change your mood.This could involve playing with the new minecraft servers, spending time with your furry pals, spending time with friends and family, watching a movie etc. 

Get Moving and Working Out

Get Moving and Working Out

Self care is incomplete without working towards a healthy body and mind. Even if you opt for daily walks, you’ll come out much more fresh, energized and happier at the end of the walk. Going for full blown workout sessions or yoga and meditation classes are great ways to keep your body and mind intact.

Prioritize Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy and working out go hand in hand. Both of these practices, when performed together, can turn your life around. You can start by becoming more aware of what you’re putting into your body. Whether it’s the junk you eat, the alcohol you drink or the cigs you smoke. Cutting down on anything that isn’t healthy for you is a crucial part of self care. 

Get Your Sleep 

Get Your Sleep 

Last but not the least, you need to dedicate time just to wind down. This is an uncompromisable part of your self care routine. Just by sleeping for the right hours, in the right setting can turn you into a different person the next morning. You’ll be happier, more energetic and ready to take on the world. 

You can also indulge in other ways of self care like drawing up a bath every evening to wind down or some other form of relaxation.