5 Ways to Have a Healthy Relationship With Yourself

Do you ever feel that you are very hard on yourself? It is very common but definitely not something that should be normalized. Literally each and everyone of us will agree that if we do something and a stranger does something exactly similar, we would consider ourselves dumb but will support and help the stranger out. This is primarily because of the poor relationship we have with ourselves.

While it is difficult to work on this relationship, it is actually the most important relationship that you will ever have in your life. Prioritize it and try to make it better. Here are a few ways I believe work efficiently in improving our relationship with ourselves.

Let Go of Your Inner Critic

Stop telling yourself that you are dumb or stupid or not enough, whatever words you use to criticize yourself. Society is there to criticize everything about you, we don’t need another mouth speaking ill for us, please! I don’t have to tell you that you are beautiful and perfect the way you are. You know that yourself. You know how talented you are. You know where you excel. Focus on that and if there is an area where you believe you lack, learn and work on it.

Criticizing isn’t going  to take you anywhere. Had your teacher, instead of teaching you, criticized you for everything, do you think you would have gained any knowledge? We all have had that kind of teacher at some point in life, did you like them? Obviously not, then maybe stop becoming them.

Take Care of Your Health and Body

Take Care of Your Health and Body

It is so easy to stop eating and sleeping or refusing to take care of your body, isn’t it? We all have been there, haven’t we? Felt neglected or stressed, stopped eating or binged mindlessly on unhealthy munchies. But how many of us actually consider taking care of our health despite feeling low?

No matter how you feel, it is always important to take care of your health. Be grateful for the body you have, not everyone is blessed with it. Be grateful for how it functions. And to show gratitude, feed it properly. Eat a balanced diet, workout, and look in the mirror and let yourself know that you love what you see and you are thankful for what you have.

It is easy to focus on the negative points but for once stop and appreciate the positive aspects. And if you think you can work on the negative points you see, do it. That is how you shower love upon yourself and that is how you improve your relationship with yourself. 

Spend Some Time With Yourself

Take yourself out on dates, watch a movie or series that you always wanted to watch, cook your favorite meal, go out for a walk. You don’t need someone else for any of this. You have yourself, embrace your own company. You can be alone and still not feel lonely if you have the right company. Work on it. You can make yourself feel better by simply being there for yourself. Just like you are there for a friend. It shouldn’t be difficult. Just imagine what you expect from someone else and provide yourself the same comfort.

Take Care of Your Surroundings

Take Care of Your Surroundings

Now, how you live can totally influence how you feel. If you are feeling low, consider having a look at your room. Is it a mess? So is your life and your relationship with yourself, isn’t it? Spend some time on your surroundings and clean everything. Your room, washroom, and kitchen should be clean, clutter free and well managed. If there is something that needs to be fixed, be it a leakage, blocked drain, or a broken window, get it fixed. Call an emergency plumber in Harborne and get it done by a professional. It may not uplift your mood or immediately improve your relationship with yourself, but it is an important point in the to-do list that needs to be checked. 

Write Your Stress Down

Overstressing can trigger criticism and hate against oneself. Do not let that happen to yourself. Stress may seem harmless but it can lead to so many severe health conditions, it is better to address it as soon as possible and try to work on it. While it is better to consult a suitable professional, writing your stress down is also one way of dealing with it. When you start writing everything down, you think less and you save yourself from overthinking or getting into a loop which can cause anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Journaling is one way of using writing in your favor and dumping down your thoughts in the form of morning pages is another way. You can choose whichever seems perfect for your health and situation. But stick to using a paper and pen to get rid of your thoughts. It is better than ignoring your thoughts.

Final Words

Even though we all realize how important it is to have a healthy relationship with ourselves, the process is not as easy or simple as it sounds. It will take time. You will have to try things out and you may end up going back to where we started but the idea is to keep grinding. Keep loving and supporting yourself and one day it will come naturally to you.