5 Steps to Prepare the Ultimate Relaxing Bath

There is nothing better than a long, relaxing bath after an intense day at work. Setting up the bath and then finally enjoying it is one of the simplest ways of self care. This ritual is so personal and hugely relaxing that it becomes a form of refuge for most of us. We escape into our bathrooms and experience true peace. During these crazy COVID times also we have engaged in so many productive activities that at the end of the day, all we wanted to do was take a nice hot bath and go off to sleep. This is why we have listed 5 ways in which people can prepare their ultimate relaxing bath. 

Gather Your Essentials  

The main experience of an ultimate relaxing bath isn’t when you get inside the tub, instead the time you spend grabbing your favorite bath bombers, the perfect shampoo-conditioner or choosing the right scented candle is more relaxing. That is why they are called our essentials, because they are essential in elevating the whole experience and making it over all a much better and personal affair than it already was going to be. Setting the most comfortable robe and favourite towel aside for after the bath is also super special. 

Set up the Whole Ambience 

Dimming the lights and deciding on the right temperatures will set the whole ambience for your perfect mini spa. As ambience directly dictates the kind of peaceful vibes you will get, the whole setting up process becomes quite spiritual. Fill the tub, put your bath salts in, feel the temperature, light the candles and then disrobe and get inside that little slice of heaven. The lighting should be kept low to increase the aesthetic effect of the whole setting and to ensure that you feel the whole peaceful effects.There are certain medication products you can take inside the bath to relieve yourself of anxiety like delta 8 carts or apply after the bath like CBD oil to ensure that you maximize the relaxing benefits. 

Put on Some Music 

Each individual has a separate playlist for every activity. Hence, putting on the best music is something sacred that everyone has to do before getting in the tub. You find entire playlists dedicated to different activities on Spotify and you can put on the one that you like best and enjoy your bath. If you want to rather enjoy a peaceful bath you can put on some tunes like soft string sounds, or nature sounds of birds or of the ocean. 

Treat Your Skin 

What better time to take care of your skin than in the bath? You can sit in the bath with a face mask on your face while listening to your favourite tunes or try out your new body scrubber. There is so much you can do to treat your skin inside the bath, so why not do it. As it is, the bath is giving you mental peace which will directly help in getting a plump and glowy skin, but the extra free time also allows for the application of products which will contribute to the overall process of finally getting your perfect skin.

Keep Your Gadgets Away

It is advisable for you to also keep your electronics away during your bath time. Not just because it could possibly fall into the water and stop working but also because it is your private time to reflect on your life and detach from other distractions. Enjoy your ‘me time’ and do not let any technology ruin it for you.


During your bath your body completely breaks down and rejuvenates itself. So make sure to enjoy this peaceful feeling. Apart from the above mentioned tips there are a lot of other things that you can do to ensure your bathing experience is completely relaxing like decluttering the surroundings, introducing a little plant or experimenting with new bath salts. So don’t hesitate to try them out! Your bath time is yours so you can personalize as per your needs.