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Ringtones Help

- Which is a Ringing Tone?

Your Phone rings when you receive a call. This is called a ringtone. Now a days Nokia Phones have facility to add ringtones other that that provided by the Phone Manufacturer. In this was your Phone rings to the tune you want. Ringtones can be related to any Music that exists.

- How do I download a Ringtone?

To download ringtone from just follow the simple step by step procedure. It includes
- Select the Ringtone you want to download from the Collection.
- Login to your account if you had not logged in yet
- Enter the mobile number on which the ringtone is to be downloaded.
- Wait for the the ringtone to arrive.
- Save the ringtone (See Further Instructions)

- On Which Handsets can ringtones be downloaded ?

To see the complete compatibility chart of handsets click
If your phone is not compatible you may get the following message on the screen: "Message cannot be read"
No harm will be done to your mobile phone, you just need to delete the message as you would with any other text message. The message can sometimes appear on phones that are capable of receiving ringtones, but because the network does not support the special text messages required for ringtones it is rejected.

- What is the cost of downloading Ringtone?

The current cost of downloading ringtone From is 5 points.

- How to save ringtone on My mobile when I receive it.

Your phone will display "Ringtone Received".
Select "Options" and "Listen" to listen to the ringtone before saving, then "Save" to store ringtone to your Phone
Ringtone Received
Playing Ringtone

Ringtone Saved

From now on, your can select this ringtone to ring when you receive a call.
If you download an ringtone and overwrite it over other ringtone it is not possible to revert back to their original ringtone

- I want to design my own Ringtone and download then, how can I do it?

The design your own Ringtone facility is currently not available with us. However you can create a MIDI file using Music Authoring Software with you music you want as ringtone. Then send this file as an attachment to us at with your mobile number, username and password. The ringtone would be sent to you and the cost of the Ringtone would be deducted from your account

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