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CDMA & GSM Bulk SMS Software - QuickSMS MultiSMS 4.5

Send Bulk SMS's from your Nokia CDMA Phones, Huawei CDMA Modems (EC325) and Compatible GSM Phone and Modems and GSM Modem pools. Our flagship product QuickSMS MultiSMS 4.5 lets you do exactly that in a single package.

You can now send SMS at just 1-3 paise per SMS (as per various offers from CDMA and GSM Providers) or any other schemes that your CDMA or GSM operator is providing. Bulk SMS Softwares is also available for Blackberry CDMA 8830, 8703e, 8130 pearl and 8330 Curve with 160 character support. (Available in India on TATA CDMA & Reliance CDMA). Please note this software is for your personal messaging only and not for SPAM.

Set Limit for each SIM's. Once software alerts you that the limit is reached you may change the SIM and enable the port again. This is very useful for the 100 sms / day regulation in India for SMS from SIM Cards.

100's of Installations across India.

Speed per Port is as follows
CDMA - 50-60 SMS / Minute / Port
GSM 10-15 SMS / Minute / Port

(Speed is multiplied by the number of devices you connect. e.g. If you connect 5 CDMA devices your total speed would be 250-300 sms / minute)

Supported Handsets

Nokia 6235
Nokia 6325
Nokia 6255
Nokia 6355
Nokia 3155
Nokia 3155
Nokia 2865
Nokia 2865
Nokia 6155
Nokia 6155
Nokia 6265
Nokia 6265
Nokia 6275
Nokia 6275
Huawei E1550
Huawei CDMA Modem
EC 325

Wavecom Model Pools

8 / 16 / 32 Port Modem Pools
Wavecom Modems (USB & Serial)
Siemens TC35i MC35 & Similar

There are 100's of more devices. Please ask us know if you need to know compatibility of your devices/ modems.
Send SMS @ 1Paise* or Even FREE
(*Please check with your provider for available schemes)

Download Free Demo copy of the software
Call 9370119223 for more info.

Please call / email us for any other information.

Software Features
  1. Super Fast: Upto 500 SMS / Minutes (Depending on handset and network capibility)
  2. Connect upto 60 Devics. (Speed increases x times)
  3. Set Limit per SIM. Maintains per device based counters.
  4. Message upto 132/160 Characters and more.
  5. Reads Incoming SMS to Inbox (CDMA & GSM)
  6. Maintain Black List
  7. Schedule SMS (For Later Delivery)
  8. Automatic Birthday / Anniversary Greetings by SMS
  9. Set SMS Limits for each Phone
  10. AutoScan for Attached Phones
  11. Import/Add Contacts unlimited contacts
  12. Import SMS directly to Outbox.
  13. Queue unlimited SMS to Outbox.
  14. Send Personalised SMS's
  15. Unlimited Groups
  16. Monitor Outbox, Sent SMS's and Failed SMS's
  17. SMS Consumption Charts for each phone
  18. Free life time support and upgrades.


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Please call on 9370119223 for more info.

Or write to us on sales@funonphone.com

NDNC Registry

Disclaimer: Our CDMA SMS Software is bulk SMS sending software used to send SMS from PC to a very focused group of customers. It can not be used for UCC, SMS spam, SMS spamming, mobile spam, cell spam, unsolicited SMS or bulk SMS broadcasting for spam. It is illegal to send UCC SMS to those registered in the NDNC registry.

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